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Moon Shoes

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Turn your feet into mini trampolines and 'defy gravity' with Moon Shoes, the Iconic anti-gravity device powered by kids! Fun & original mini-trampolines for your feet. With Moon Shoes, kids have incredible fun as they jump with anti-gravity effects while developing balance and coordination. Made of quality, high-density plastic, with adjustable VELCRO brand nylon closure straps, Moon Shoes feature a self-centring shoe platform with non-skid grip surface for sure-footed, high-bouncing thrills. Some assembly required.

• Velcro strapped moon shoes platform will fit shoes up to a size 9.
• Helps to improve balance and coordination.
• Keep fit in a super fun way!

• 2 x Moon Shoes With Straps
• 36 x Rubber Bands



Weight: 1.98kg
Dimensions: 25cm x 34.5cm x 25.5cm
Ages: 7+
Barcode: 703086714495
Country of Origin: China