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Yu Gi Oh! Circuit Break Booster Box

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Powerful cards that can go in any Deck! Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Circuit Break has a wide variety of cards that let you do some incredible things no matter what kind of strategy you want to employ. You might find a Trap Card that eliminates cards played in the same column as your Trap, or even a brand-new Trap Card that levels the playing field that your opponent will never see coming… because you can play it straight from your hand!

SPYRAL and the Subterrors have returned with Link Monsters to update their strategies for a new era of Dueling! Summon a “Subterror” Link Monster that can hit the field with up to 4400 ATK, gets your best Flip monsters out of your Deck, and then Summons them! Guess what kind of card is on top of your opponent’s Deck (make sure to peek first with SPYRAL GEAR – Drone) and the new “SPYRAL” Link Monster can Summon any “SPYRAL” monster from your Deck. Of course, it also counts as SPYRAL Super Agent on the field and in the Graveyard, so you can use all your “SPYRAL GEAR” cards with it!

• Features famous monsters from dueling history such as Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys.
• Includes new Link monsters for Spyral and Subterrors themes.
• Wide variety of cards that can work in any deck.

• 1 x Booster box display